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Pokemon Go is not strange to lớn gamers around the world. This is a type of virtual interactive game developed by Niantic và widely released on the IOS and Android systems in 2016.The appearance of the game is a huge explosion for those who love the cute pokemons around the globe. As soon as the trò chơi released, many players over the world found ways to tải về and played lớn experience the fantastic game despite its limit trial. Being a hunter & hunting down Pokémon in every corner of the road has become a hobby of all ages, but how khổng lồ play Pokemon Go for the most effective is not everyone knows. In this article we will summarize the necessary things that not everyone knows for the players.

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For simplicity of imagination, you should understand the map in the trò chơi that is the integration between google maps and navigation system on your phone. When you travel in real life, your character’s image in the game moves lớn the same location on the map.

– Avatar: that is your main character, when you register the trò chơi you will be selected details for your character such as costumes, hair color, sex …

– Backpack: This is the place to lớn store all thành phầm as well as your equipment such as pokeballs, potion, revive, gift, berry.

– Pokedex: A place to lớn show information about the Pokemon that you catch.

Niantic also updates the weather function on the map. Sunny, windy or rainy in real life, the players will be felt clearly in the game. And if the storm or snow is too thick, which could affect the health of the trainers, Niantic will weigh và warn the player should stay indoors.


At the start of the game the team will be selected according khổng lồ the màu sắc you want. There will be three choices for you: Red, Green and Blue. However, joining different teams will not affect the capture of your Pokemon because in the game, all trainers have the ability và probability khổng lồ catch the same Pokemon.



Pokémon has long been a symbol & are familiar lớn all people of all ages and classes. Bringing pictures & sketches of all the Pokémon into the trò chơi brings excitement and variety khổng lồ the choice of the players.

There are different types of Pokémon in each land, for example, the forest will have many bug and grass type, the sea will have many water type pokemon or crowded thành phố will appear more normal, steel, fighting type pokemon. This diversity gives players the feeling of not being boring & stimulating their exploration.



For those who are learning how lớn play would be unfamiliar with this phrase. Pokestops are places that offer items that Pokemon Go can help you hunt for Pokemon, màn chơi up or heal your pet. But you have khổng lồ be within a certain range lớn use the pokestop

Catch pokemon

This is probably the most important part of the game, if you keep the phone with you and go around will surely meet the random pokemon. When pokemon appears, use the ball to lớn catch them by swinging on the ball up. However, each Pokemon will have different difficulty levels depending on their rare. However, you will be provided with various types of catching Pokemon different and accompanied by berrys khổng lồ help hunting more easily. Try khổng lồ catch as many Pokemon as possible to make lots of candy & evolve so they can be stronger.

Here are all the things you need to know about how to play basic Pokemon Go. Although the trò chơi is not new, but if you want to lớn quench your thirst, there is no need khổng lồ stop the hobby.

One of the chip core elements of Pokémon Go is gym Battles, which see you pitch a team of six Pokémon against the reigning Pokémon at a Gym.

There will be a maximum of three Pokémon lớn face at any single Gym, which you"ll see by swiping right (no, not on Tinder) on any gym you come across.

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Take a chú ý of the CP levels of all of the Pokémon currently holding a Gym, as if you"re trying khổng lồ tackle a Gyarados with a CP cấp độ of 1243 with a Bellsprout of cấp độ 101, you"re not going to fare well.

But, if you start taking notes on the various Pokémon Go Types, you"re going lớn give yourself a serious edge in thể hình Battles.

We"re going khổng lồ walk you through what Pokémon Types are, how they"ll help you when heading lớn the Gyms & give you a few pointers as to lớn how khổng lồ win Pokémon Go gym Battles in general.

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What are Pokémon Go Types?

In your quest to catch "em all, you"ll have probably noticed that all your Pokémon are of a particular Type. So, for example, your Charmander is a Fire Type Pokémon, while a Horsea is Water Type, or a Pidgey is Normal Type.

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Well, these play a crucial role in Pokémon thể hình Battles, so try and familiarise yourself with each Pokémon"s type beforehand. We"ve created a handy table so you can keep track of not only what Type your Poké
Friends are, but also the Pokémon you"re going up against in a thể hình Battle.

What are the basic
Pokémon Go thể hình mechanics?

You can"t start taking on aPokémon Go gym until you"ve reached Trainer cấp độ 5, at which point you"ll be asked lớn choose your team affiliation – the blue Team Mystic, red Team Valour or yellow Team Instinct.

Unlike the standardPokémongames, the actual battle mechanics ofPokémon Go are pretty simple. You tap to lớn attack & swipe left or right to attempt to lớn dodge any incoming attacks.

Before you head into battle, you can choose the six Pokémon you choose to lớn take in with you. Make sure to choose Pokémon that are not only similar or greater in CP cấp độ than the Pokémon you"re about khổng lồ battle, but also of an advantageous Type.

How khổng lồ win
Pokémon Go gym battles

A bit like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors,Pokémon Types can make your attacks more or less effective, depending on the Type you"re using them on.

For example, a Water Type Pokémon"s attacks will be more effective on a Fire Pokémon, but not very effective on a Grass Type Pokémon. So using a Water Pokémon against a Fire Type will mean your attacks giảm giá khuyến mãi much more damage than they usually would.

This is the basic tactics you"ll know if you"ve played any of the standardPokémongames.

But it"s all a little more complicated than that as there are actually 17 Pokémon Types inPokémon Go.

So we"ve created this handy chart that maps out how to use Pokémon Types to lớn your advantage in the game.

You just need to look for the Type of Pokémon you"re fighting along the top rung, then see which Pokémon move types will be most effective.

As an example, let"s take Jolteon, which is an Electric Type Pokémon. You"d want lớn use a Ground Type Pokémon against Jolteon for your attacks to be super effective against it. Don"t even think of using a Flying or Steel
Type Pokémon.

Or if you"re about to lớn tackle a Kadabra, a Psychic Type Pokémon, you"d want to lớn use a Bug or Ghost Type Pokémon to giảm giá khuyến mãi the most damage. But you"d better not use another Psychic or a Fighting Type Pokémon khổng lồ attempt to take one on.

Take a look at our complex-looking chart & use Pokémon Types to make sure you"ve got the edge in battle. And take your town for your team.

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